In case you want to visit Turkey, there can be various questions about this country in your mind, in areas like clothing, lifestyle and culture. For instance, you may be wondering what to wear in Turkey and asking: “how do your dress in Turkey?”.

As long as visitors follow social norms, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding clothing in Turkey. For example, when visiting religious places, it is important to dress modestly to show respect. Moreover, another thing to consider for this can be the weather. Also, as you may be quite active during your trip, remember to consider comfort, too.

How do you dress in Turkey? Dos and Don’ts

Do you want to go to Turkey one day as a tourist or an expat? In this case, you may be asking things like “can you wear shorts in Istanbul?” or “how do you dress in Turkey?”.

While things like covering the head are not mandatory in Turkey, it can be a good idea to dress modestly and follow the dress code, especially when visiting religious places. In addition, when picking what to wear in Turkey remember to keep in mind things like the weather, as well as your comfort level.