People who want to visit Istanbul may have many questions about this city. For instance, you may have questions regarding what is acceptable to wear while visiting this beautiful city. About this topic, you may be asking: “can you wear shorts in Istanbul?”.

In Istanbul, you can choose to wear shorts. If you want to wear shorts during colder months, you may want to combine them with tights or long socks for warmth. Also, remember that going to mosque with shorts can be disrespectful and when visiting a mosque or any other religious place, you may want to opt for more modest clothing.

Can you wear shorts in Istanbul or not?

Istanbul is certainly among the awesome cities to visit and you may be considering going to Istanbul. In this case, you may have questions like: “what should a woman wear in Istanbul?” and “can you wear shorts in Istanbul?” regarding what to wear in this city.

If you want to wear shorts in Istanbul, you can do this. But make sure that the weather is suitable for wearing shorts, otherwise you may get cold. When the weather is on the colder side and you want to wear shorts in Istanbul, you can combine the shorts with tights, long socks or other suitable pieces of clothing to stay warm.