For those who are looking for a fun travel experience, Istanbul can be an awesome city to visit. But there can be many questions in your mind about this city. For instance you may be asking: “what should a woman wear in Istanbul?”.

It can be a good idea for female tourists who are visiting Istanbul to dress modestly and avoid showing skin. Although it is not mandatory for women to cover their heads in Turkey, if you are visiting religious places, it is the respectful choice. Also, it can be worth mentioning that in some of the areas in Istanbul that are more liberal, women can dress less modestly.

What should a woman wear in Istanbul? How should female tourists dress in this city?

If you are planning to visit Istanbul as a female traveller, along with having questions like: “is Istanbul a good tourist destination“, you may be wondering what to wear in this city, since following the dress code can be important when visiting a foreign country. So, what should a woman wear in Istanbul?

Your own comfort should be an important factor when picking what to wear in Istanbul. But also remember to follow social norms and try to dress in a modest way in this city.