Istanbul can be a very fun place to visit and there are lots of enjoyable things to do in this city. If you are looking for a vibrant night life, Istanbul can offer a decent one. However, can you drink alcohol in Istanbul or would drinking alcoholic beverages be an issue in this city?

In Istanbul, drinking alcohol is not prohibited by law. So while visiting this city, tourists over the age of 18 can enjoy alcoholic beverages. But let’s not forget that it is illegal in Turkey for alcoholic beverages to be sold between 10 PM and 6 AM in markets and liquor shops. Also, it may not be socially acceptable to drink alcohol in various places in Turkey and if you are curious about the legal side of it, you may want to ask an expert.

Can you drink alcohol in Istanbul or not?

Istanbul can be an awesome city to visit and it is among the best cities in Europe in terms of cost of living. You may have various questions about this city, like “What should a woman wear in Istanbul?” and if you want to enjoy alcoholic beverages in Istanbul, you may be asking: “can you drink alcohol in Istanbul?”. While you may enjoy alcoholic beverages in Istanbul, remember to follow legal rules and social norms.