The demand for real estate in the cosmopolitan city of Bodrum, which is a hotspot for foreign investors in 2022, has recently been on the rise. Bodrum is a well-known resort city in Western Turkey, located on the coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, which attracts high-income people from all over the world who may want to move to the country permanently.

The city is located on a picturesque peninsula, its architecture Bodrum is compared to the Italian or French Riviera.

Sandy beaches, the cleanest Aegean Sea, an excellent climate – the humidity in Bodrum does not exceed 50 percent, comfort in terms of transportation convenience, since the city is 12 kilometers from the largest on the Aegean coast of the international airport.

You can find house for sale in Bodrum for every budget, taste and requirements. But why is Bodrum Real Estate in such high demand among foreign buyers?

Why to buy property in Bodrum?

1.Different styles of architecture

Bodrum occupies the first place in the architectural revolution of styles in Turkey. The best architects of the country work here, designing houses, villas and hotels.

New houses are no longer just practical to use, but have an unforgettable comfort, oriented on technology and designed with the maximum preservation of the unforgettable landscape, in order to increase the panoramic view of the sea.

2.Excellent transportation network.

Most investors choose Bodrum because of the easy and convenient access to transportation networks.

All major transport hubs are close to the city, including the international airport, the central bus station in the city center and the 24-hour cab service, all of which will provide guests with the ability to get anywhere in the city with ease and fairly quickly

3. Living for pleasure

Bodrum’s nationwide reputation as the birthplace of the hedonistic lifestyle has attracted artists, writers, spiritualists and celebrities. For many decades, Bodrum has been associated with individuality and pleasure, fun and the avant-garde of a dignified life.

This bohemian environment was created in 1925 by the Halicarnassus fisherman, also known as Cevat Sakir Kabaagakli, which also contributes to Bodrum’s status as one of the top holiday places in the nation for both international visitors and Turkish locals. Bodrum has never been a trend-follower. It instead sets them. You’ll never again use the word “bored” in a sentence.

As an important center of the Turkish Riviera, it attracts sailors and yachting enthusiasts from all over the world. From art and photography courses to exploring historic sites and natural attractions, there is plenty to do here, all of which attracts not only tourists but also potential real estate investors looking for house for sale in Bodrum.

4.Communities of Foreign Owners

In addition to being one of Turkey’s top holiday spots, Bodrum serves as a hub for international property owners, some of whom have built a thriving immigrant community. Many languages, primarily English, are spoken there.

Everywhere, including hospitals, the tax office, and legal offices, receives regular foreign visitors, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is easy and comfortable for a foreigner to settle in the Bodrum Peninsula.

5. A wide variety of coastal resorts

In addition to the main city center, the Bodrum Peninsula includes many smaller coastal resorts, each with its own characteristics that appeal to different segments of society. Each connects to the other through a local transportation network system, so wherever you decide to buy property in Bodrum, you’ll have easy access to the vast peninsula.

One of the most popular places in Bodrum is Yalikavak, a former small fishing village and a popular resort for expats, which has become a sophisticated yachting center. While the traditional atmosphere of Gündogan attracts many Turkish retirees, and Gümbet is especially popular with British immigrants.

6. Everything on your doorstep

Property buyers in Bodrum will always have a wide variety of stores and nightclubs, restaurants and bars at their disposal. From large parties in the city center to al fresco dinners on the beach in Gümüşlük.

From the local market on Wednesdays to modern malls with international brands. You never have to want anything or go anywhere.

How to Buy Real Estate in Bodrum?

As Bodrum Villa Finder, we create a wish list for the house of your dreams. We pay attention to your desires and expectations. Then, we arrange viewing tours of the ideal homes in Bodrum that suit your requirements.

By granting a power of attorney, you may manage all official processes. A person (the proxy) may represent or act in place of another person (the attorney) in legal proceedings thanks to a power of attorney.

Having property in Bodrum and obtaining citizenship via investment are two areas of expertise for Bodrum Villa Finder. All during the procedure, we are at your side. You may thus benefit from the advantages of buying a home in Bodrum.

If you cooperate with experienced real estate professionals, applying for Turkish citizenship is not a difficult procedure. The Turkish citizenship program is profitable and has a high rate of return on investment. As a citizen, you can sense how tranquil the nation is.

Compared to other nations in Europe, the cost of living is cheap. Turkey provides an opulent lifestyle at affordable rates. You feel lucky as a result.

Additionally, having a Turkish passport provides several benefits. You may, for instance, hold two citizenships. Both free education and complete medical rights are offered. You may visit 111 nations without a visa.

Select a Reputable Bodrum Real Estate Company

Collaborating with a professional Bodrum real estate firm is something we always advise. It is essential since fraud attempts could be made. For instance, the home that was presented to you could not be the same as the one you bought. You can overpay. You later discover that the home you bought is not in excellent shape.

We thus know the significance of strong communication and mutual trust. At each stage of the procedure, our guidance of experts keeps you informed.

We are prepared to find the finest if you are considering buying real estate in the Bodrum area. For further information, get in touch with us.

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