When enjoying a trip in a foreign country, one of the nice activities to do can be exploring the local cuisine. Along with foods, drinks can be worth checking out, as well. So for those planning to visit Turkey, “what is the national drink in Turkey?” can be a question to get an answer for.

There is not necessarily an official national drink of Turkey. However, there are two significant ones in this regard, ayran and rakı. While ayran is a non-alcoholic drink made from yogurt, rakı is an alcoholic drink with a fairly unique taste. In addition to these, there are other popular beverages in Turkey, such as Turkish tea, Turkish coffee and many others.

What is the national drink in Turkey? Popular drinks in this country…

Many countries have national drinks and you may wonder if Turkey has one, too. So, what is the national drink in Turkey?

In Turkey, you can enjoy lots of different Turkish drinks to try out, such as Turkish tea, şalgam, boza and Turkish coffee. But when it comes to the national drink of Turkey, there are two popular ideas about it: one of these is ayran and the other one is rakı. So, what is your country’s national drink?