Are you curious about Turkey nature? If that is the case you may want to check out this post. Because here we are going to be discussing some amazing natural places in this country. Turkey is a country that can have a lot to offer for visitors. There are many wonderful places in Turkey to check out and many things to do in this country. Now let’s begin talking about some of the natural places in Turkey to know about.

    What are Some of the Places to Check out for Those Who are Curious About Turkey Nature?

    There can be lots of reasons to visit Turkey and see what this country has to offer. In this country visitors can experience a diverse and rich culture, check out amazing sights and enjoy various experiences. Also, this country has lots of beautiful natural places to know about. Some of these are places such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Lake Salda, Mount Ararat and many others.

    Want to Know About Turkey Nature? Make Sure to Learn About Cappadocia

    For those who are curious about Turkey nature, Cappadocia can be worth knowing about. This place is certainly among the popular touristic spots in Turkey. Cappadocia can be a place to check out a beautiful and very unique natural scenery, along with enjoying a hot air balloon ride.

    Lake Van

    While it can be considered a relatively overlooked option, another natural place in Turkey that many tourists visit is Lake Van. This place is the largest lake in Turkey and along with it being an important natural place in the country, there are some other places that can be worth visiting around the area.

    Belgrad Forest

    Although Istanbul is mostly known as a rather busy city, there are also many amazing natural places there. Belgrad Forest is one of these natural places. This place is a wonderful area for picnics, nature walks and getting some fresh air. So for those interested in Turkey nature, Belgrad Forest can be another places to know about.

    Mount Ararat

    Another one of the natural places in Turkey is Mount Ararat, which is a mountain located in Ağrı and Iğdır. It is believed by many to be the place where Noah’s Ark is located at. Aside from this, Mount Ararat is basically a magnificent natural place that can be worth seeing.

    Curious About Turkey Nature? Don’t Forget to Check Out Pamukkale

    Pamukkale can be another natural place to know about for those who are interested in Turkey nature. This unique place offers beautiful a sight to see and there are numerous thermal hotels in the area to stay in.

    Köprülü Canyon

    If you are interested in visiting beautiful natural places in Turkey, another place to know about can be Köprülü Canyon, which is located in Antalya. Along with being a beautiful natural place, many activities can be done here, such as rafting and taking nature walks. Moreover, there are some other places that can be worth visiting in the area, like the Selge ruins.


    If you are visiting the Bursa province in Turkey and want to go to a beautiful natural place, Uludağ can be an excellent choice. This place is popular destination in Turkey for people who want to go skiing and it can offer a wonderful scenery as well.

    Ayder Plateau

    Are you planning to visit the Black Sea region in Turkey and want to visit an amazing natural area there? In this case, you may want to check out Ayder Yaylasi. Aside from enjoying the beautiful landscape, you can enjoy delicious local foods here.

    Düden Waterfalls

    Another natural place from Antalya, Düden Waterfalls can be worth checking out for people who are interested in Turkey nature.

    Mount Erciyes

    This magnificent natural place is an inactive volcano located in Kayseri. Skiing is one of the activities that can be done here and there are numerous hotels in the area.

    Lake Salda

    Another one of the natural places to see in Turkey can be Lake Salda, which is a beautiful lake located in Burdur.

    Turkey Nature Final Words

    Turkey is a country that can have a lot to offer for visitors and there are many amazing natural places in this country. Some of these places are Belgrad Forest, Lake Van, Köprülü Canyon and many others. For people who are interested in Turkey nature, there are various natural places in this country that can be worth checking out.


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