If you like to travel, Turkey can be an amazing country to visit. Because in this country there are lots of historical and natural places to check out. In case you are curious about some of the places in Turkey to see, you can keep reading this post. Here on this post we will talk about many different places to visit in Turkey.

One of the Wonderful Places in Turkey Can Be Şirince

Izmir is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey and there are lots of places to visit in this city. With its calm vibe and beautiful atmosphere, Şirince is one of those places. This little village can be worth exploring and also the shops here can be worth checking out.

Mount Nemrut

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One of the iconic places in Turkey to check out is Mount Nemrut, which is located in Adıyaman. While it is a majestic natural place, this mountain is famous for the statues around it. These statues are from the ancient times and this area can be interesting for history buffs who are curious about that era.


A wonderful place to see in Turkey can be Cappadocia. This place is located in Nevşehir and it is a fairly popular place among tourists. The Fairy Chimneys around the area are famous for their interesting looks. There are many hotels to stay in around the area and visitors can also consider trying out balloon tours.

If You are Looking for Wonderful Places in Turkey, Pamukkale Can Be Worth Checking Out

Turkey is a country with many beautiful natural places and Pamukkale Travertines is one of them. It is a natural place that is located in Denizli and many tourists choose to visit this area. Also, aside from the Travertines of Pamukkale, there can be some other places to see in Denizli as well.

Lake Salda

This is another beautiful place in Turkey and it is located in Burdur. While it has a wonderful look, it can be dangerous to swim in certain spots of this lake. So for those who want to swim in Lake Salda, doing this at a suitable area is important.

Maiden’s Tower

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Another one of the amazing places in Turkey to check out can be the Maiden’s Tower, which is one of the historical places in Istanbul.

Historical Sinop Fortress Prison

Today this place is used as a museum but it used to be used as a prison. It was opened in 1887 and it is a popular tourist attraction in Sinop.

Another One of the Wonderful Places in Turkey May Be Lake Van

Van is a city located in the Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey and between this city and Bitlis, there is Lake Van. This lake is the largest lake in Turkey and for those who want to see a beautiful natural place in this country, this area can be worth checking out.


Located in the southeastern part of the country, Göbeklitepe is a very old structure. Currently, there are still lots of questions to be answered about this historical site. For people who are interested in prehistoric sites, Göbeklitepe can be an awesome place to see.

Izmir Kemeraltı Bazaar

Are you looking for a place to buy some souvenirs in Izmir? If so, you may want to check out Kemeraltı Bazaar.

Aspendos Ruins

Another one of the places in Turkey to see can be Aspendos Ruins, which is located in Antalya. There are lots of ancient structures around this area.

Harput Castle

Built during the 8th century BC, Harput Castle can be an interesting place for many history lovers. This place is located in Elazığ and it may be one of the places in Turkey that can be worth checking out.


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This beautiful natural place is known as Saklıkent National Park or Saklıkent Canyon. For those who are visiting Muğla, checking out Saklıkent can be worth considering. Also let’s not forget to mention that there is a ski resort around the area.

Artvin Borçka Karagöl Nature Park Can Be Another One of the Wonderful Places in Turkey

Do you want to spend time relaxing in a natural area in Turkey? If you are visiting Artvin, Borçka Karagöl Nature Park can be a nice place for this.