For people who like travelling, Turkey can be an amazing place to visit. In this coutry there are lots of places to see, many amazing things to do and numerous experiences to have. If you love nature and relaxing experiences, Turkey blue cruise options can be worth checking out. Because with this wonderful activity choice you can get a chance to experience the Turkish Riviera in an awesome way.

What is a Blue Cruise in Turkey?

Turkey Blue Cruise: Learn About 5 Wonderful Options 4

Before discussing why this cruise option can be a nice choice and talking about some possible routes for this, let’s see what a blue cruise in Turkey means. Basically, a Turkey blue cruise is a trip that is often taken on a special type of boat or a yacht, through various places on the southwest part of Turkey’ coast, which is known as the Turkish Riviera, or the Turquoise Coast. While this trip is known as blue cruise by many, some people also refer to it as “blue tour”, as well as “blue voyage”.

Why Go on a Turkey Blue Cruise?

Cruises can be amazing experiences that can be quite relaxing and fun. If you like going on a cruise and want to explore the Turkish Riviera with an amazing trip, a Turkey blue cruise may be a nice option. But for having an enjoyable experience, picking a good tour option can be very important.

With a good blue tour in Turkey, you can get a chance to have some amazing time an relax. Along with a nice tour on a vessel, many blue cruises in Turkey involve some other activities. Many of these trips include services like breakfast and dinner (remember to check what your tour offers!). Also, on many of these tours, you can get to see some amazing places and enjoy activities like swimming.

Turkey Blue Cruise Options (Routes / Locations)

Turkey Blue Cruise: Learn About 5 Wonderful Options 5

As we have just discussed in the previous part of this post, a Turkey blue cruise can be a wonderful activity to try out. With a nice blue voyage option, it can be possible to have some amazing time, see beautiful places, relax and have fun. In case you are considering going on a blue cruise in Turkey, you may be curious about routes and starting points.

There are numerous options in this area and routes may change depending on the tour you pick. While some of the tours may begin in Antalya, some may start in places such as Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris or Göcek. Now let’s talk a little bit about some of these starting locations.


A popular starting point for many Turkey blue cruise choices is Antalya, which is a fairly popular city among tourists who visit Turkey.


In case you want to go on a Turkey blue cruise, you may be able to find various options that start at Bodrum.


Another starting point for blue voyages in Turkey is this place.


Marmaris is a popular location as the starting point for many blue tours in Turkey.


Lastly, Göcek is another starting location for blue tours in Turkey. Aside from the places we talked about here, blue voyages in Turkey have many other starting points and routes, too.

What are Some of the Services/Activities That Can Be Offered at Blue Cruises in Turkey?

If you are looking to have some fun time, a Turkey blue cruise can be a nice trip choice. On a good blue voyage in Turkey, you can enjoy a nice tour while checking out beautiful locations. The services that are offered on blue cruises in Turkey may differ depending on the tour. Some of the tours may offer services like breakfast, dinner or other meals. On some tours visitors can check out various historical or natural places and do activities like swimming.


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Turkey can offer a variety of things to do for tourists. Going on a nice blue cruise in Turkey can be a wonderful experience that can be both fun and relaxing. For this experience, there are many tour options with varying routes and services. In case you want to experience the Turkish Riviera with an amazing activity, you may consider this cruise choice. Moreover, aside from Turkey blue cruise options, you can also check out Turkey Mediterranean cruise choices, too.

Note: The images on this blog post are stock photos and they may or may not be from the actual cruises discussed here.