Istanbul, whose history goes back to 8 thousand years, for which many empires fought, is the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Istanbul, which has not lost its splendor today as it used to be, continues to turn heads with its historical museums and cultural symbols all around. Yet, in Istanbul, which is the building block of social culture, there is always a point not visited or a corner not visited.

When you are bored at home in the summer, we want to go out and get a sea air. Especially if our house is in a central location, sleep next to it for dinner. There are many places to visit by the sea in Istanbul, which has been a center of attraction for centuries with its historical and natural heritage, but it can often be quite crowded. In this article, I have created a list of quiet places to visit by the sea in Istanbul; I hope you like it.

Everyone knows that Istanbul has a never-ending hustle and bustle from morning tonight. You set out to go to work in the morning; the crowd of people flowing from all directions outside actually constitutes the biggest fabric of the city.

As a matter of fact, we have seen in the past epidemic days that everything is meaningless without human beings. There are times when you want to take a walk by the sea or take your car to the seaside and watch the scenery in beautiful Istanbul, which is like a mosaic where people of all minds and cultures can live. So, without further ado, I am sharing the list of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul.

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit By The Sea In Istanbul 5
  • European Side Attractions

1. Kirecburnu Coast

You can throw your camping chairs on the beach of Kirecburnu, one of the calmest beaches I have seen in Istanbul for years, and listen to the sound of the sea. Kirecburnu beach, which is quite quiet compared to other beaches in the summer and spring months, is connected to the Sariyer district.

Therefore, I can say that Kirecburnu district, one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, where there are fish restaurants along the coastline on one side, and the Bosphorus view on the other, has recently become very popular with the Leyla and Mecnun series. You can enjoy the view by taking fresh cookies and tea from the Kirecburnu bakery located on the coastline, sitting on the grass on the benches, or your camping chair.

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit By The Sea In Istanbul 6

According to another rumor, one of the areas with the cleanest air in Istanbul on the Bosphorus line is the Kirecburnu coast. You can also watch the scenery on cold winter days by pulling your car to the side of the sea.

2. Yenikoy Coast

Yenikoy Coast is just a few of the places I visit regularly. Yenikoy Coast, which starts from Yenikoy sports club facilities and ends in Tarabya, reminds me of a quiet fishing town. I recommend you to eat fish at the small fishermen settled along the sea line. After that, you can take a walk along the coastline or sip your tea against the sea in Caycı Bekir, one of the most popular places on the coast.

If you want to eat, I strongly recommend you to go to Taka Balik on the right side of Tarabya. The place is pretty shabby, but the flavors are excellent. After that, you can stop by at the labor cafe, one of the most popular places on the coastline. Finally, forally, for those who want to watch the Bosphorus view from the hills, you can go to Yenikoy Coffee and take your computer and do your daily work against the Bosphorus view, as the place with indoor and outdoor areas is generally quite quiet.

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3. Rumeli Lighthouse

Rumeli Feneri Castle, which was built to facilitate the passage of ships from the Bosphorus to the Black Sea during the Ottoman period, is located in the village of Garipçe, at an altitude of 65 meters from the sea. While the Rumeli Feneri is busy with bride-groom photoshoots on weekends during the summer months, it caught my attention as one of the quietest places on weekdays.

Where you can get close to the bottom of the sea, you can throw your camping chairs and watch the vast Black Sea. In addition, those who wish can enter the village of Garipçe and buy natural food products from the villagers.

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4. Ataturk Arboretum

Although Atatürk Arboretum is a bit contrary to our title, it is one of the most beautiful forested walking areas you can go to on the European side of Istanbul with its large and small lakes. The Arboretum, known as the hidden paradise of Sarıyer district, is worth visiting on weekdays, even if it is crowded on weekends. Note that entrances are paid. There are quite large parking spaces for those who go by car. You may encounter plants of a kind you have never seen before in the Atatürk Arboretum.

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5. Kisirkaya Village Beach

The village of Kisirkaya is one of the quietest places you can go on the European side. You can go up to the village’s hills, watch the whole sea and scenery in your car, or have a picnic in the grassy area. Those who say they want to swim while they’re at it, Kisirkaya has a very long beach, and those who wish can cool off here.

Kisirkaya beach, which is very popular in summer and spring, has bride-groom photographers on weekends. My advice to you would be to do your grocery shopping before coming here. There are not many options for shopping in the village.

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit By The Sea In Istanbul 10
6. Karaburun Coast

Karaburun region, known for its distance from the city center of Arnavutköy district of Istanbul, is perfect for those who love silence and nature. Unfortunately, the Karaburun region, which is not very suitable for swimming, is generally quite windy. Rarely can we see people paragliding in the air?

It is a place on the coast of Karaburun where you can watch the scenery in your car by the sea. Those who wish can enter the inner parts of Karaburun and have a picnic in areas with sea views.

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  • Anatolian Side Places to Visit

1. Anadolu Kavagi

We can say that Anadolu Kavagi is a small fishing coastal town within the borders of Beykoz district, which is one of the first points that come to mind when it comes to places to visit by the sea on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Before descending to Anadolu Kavagi, there are breakfast makers on both sides, and you can have breakfast here, and you can get the sea under your feet thanks to the Yoros Castle on the hill.

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2. Kadikoy/Moda Coast

I wanted to list it here with the thought that there may be curious people because it is a place where people from all cultures icipateparticipate in the Moda Coast, which is quite crowded in the summer months, where no one bothers anyone fails in calmness.

Moda coast is located within the borders of Kadikoy. As the best activity you can do on the beach of Moda, you can sit on the rocks for hours and watch the view.

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3. Kuzguncuk Coast

You can get lost for hours in the side streets of the Kuzguncuk district, which is the focus of attention of photographers with its colorful houses in Uskudar, a historical settlement. Instead, you can relax thanks to the calmness of the sea while drinking your tea in a small tea garden on the beach in the Kuzguncuk region, which is a very colorful area for those who want to take pictures. I would definitely recommend you visit Kuzguncuk houses, which are the shooting locations of many TV series, to see more closely.

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4. Poyrazkoy

Beachside picnic places in Istanbul. It is located very close to Poyrazkoy Anadolu Kavagı, where there is always fresh fish daily. When you go, I recommend you to stop by Poyraz & Cakır Restaurant, which has a fascinating view. Poyrazkoy, which has 3 beaches where you can swim, is ideal for having a picnic. Thanks to the Kuledibi and Dereboyu picnic areas, you can have a pleasant picnic with your family and friends.

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