There are numerous historical artifacts in the world with interesting backstories that can be worth knowing about. We can mention many examples to this, such as the Rosetta Stone and the Ark of the Covenant. In Istanbul, there is an important historical artifact with lots of stories and legends surrounding it. Have you ever heard about Spoonmaker’s Diamond? On this post we are going to talk about this item and learn about its importance, as well as its history.

History is full of enticing mysteries and when we look at historical artifacts with great significance, they can arouse curiousity in our minds and make us want to learn more about their real backgrounds. This can be the case for the topic of this blog post, as well. Now if you are ready to learn about the Spoonmaker’s Diamond, let’s waste no time and begin!

Spoonmaker’s Diamond Story

Are you curious about the true history of the topic of this post? Well, we are going to discuss that, too. However, before we begin, it can be a good idea to check out the legends behind this artifact, which can possibly be fictitious.

As we have stated in the beginning of this blog post, there are many legends and stories about the Spoonmaker’s Diamond. After all, when the subject is a beautiful and valuable item, many people can’t help but make up interesting stories about it.

Concerning when the diamond was found and by whom, there are different claims. According to one legend, the artifact was found by a spoonmaker in a dumping ground and sold it to a jeweler for a cheap price. Another legend claims that it was found by a fisherman, while another one asserts that it was bought from Napoleon’s mother.

As you can probably tell, there are some odd stories about this valuable item. While we may not necessarily know which one of these is true, we can enjoy the mystery behind this beautiful artifact.

History of This Wonderful Artifact

Spoonmaker's Diamond: A Valuable Historical Artifact Located in Istanbul [Learn About It in 5 Sections!] 4

The true history of this amazing historical item is not exactly known. But according to some stories, it can have a connection with, Ali Pasha of Ioannina, a high ranking government official in the Ottoman Empire. This local governor in the empire is believed to have had the diamond for a while. Afterwards, the diamond may have been seized by the Ottoman ruler or given away by the pasha.

In the historical records, the first mentions of the diamond date back to the early 19th century. So either Selim III, Mustafa IV or Mahmud II may be the first Sultan to have owned the diamond. However, this is not exactly known for sure, as there is no official record of it.

Regardless of what the true history of this wonderful item is, it used to be owned by Ottoman sultans and today it is exhibited for people to see.

Where is Spoonmaker’s Diamond?

In case you are interested in seeing this artifact for yourself, you may be curious about the current location of this item…

We don’t really know a lot about the history of this diamond. It is not exactly known where it came from and who owned it first. But we know where it is currently exhibited.

The Spoonmaker’s Diamond is in Topkapi Palace Museum. It is located in Conqueror’s Pavilion and it is displayed inside a glass box.

Why is Spoonmaker’s Diamond Important?

There are many reasons why the Spoonmaker’s Diamond can be considered important. It is a beautiful historical artifact that is very valuable. Also, there is not much known about the true history of this item, mostly there are just stories without much proof behind them. So this mystery behind this diamond can make it an interesting item for some people, too.

The Value of This Important Item

This diamond is 86 carat (17.2g) and it has a double row of 49 diamonds around it. Along with being a fairly beautiful item, it is also very valuable, as well. As it is a historical artifact, it can be considered “priceless” by many, with some suggesting it can be worth millions of dollars.