Are you eager to learn about some places to live in Turkey? If that is the case, you can keep reading this post to learn more about this topic.

With many beautiful places to visit, lots of fun things to do and more, Turkey can be an amazing country to visit for tourists. So for this reason, you may be considering visiting this wonderful country. Also, aside from visiting Turkey, you may be planning to live in this country, as well. In this case, you may be wanting to learn about some of the nice places to live in Turkey.

If you are thinking about living in Turkey, one important thing to do can be picking the right spot for this. Different cities in Turkey can offer a different experience for expats. Some of the cities in Turkey can be much better for living in, due to a variety of reasons. Now if you are ready to learn about this topic, let’s dive in and start discussing some of the awesome cities to live in Turkey.

What are Some of the Places to Live in Turkey?

Are you planning to live in Turkey and trying to decide which city to pick for this? When making a decision regarding this, there can be many factors to consider. But also, personal preferences can play a significant role when making such a decision.

Turkey can be an awesome country to live in, with its amazing nature, wonderful beaches, lots of different places to visit and many other things. Some of the places to live in Turkey that we will mention on this post are Istanbul, Izmir, Muğla, Aydın and Bursa. Moreover, there are many other cities to live in Turkey, as well.


It is the most populous and most developed city in Turkey. Also, as there are many places to see and lots of things to do in Istanbul, this city can be one of the places to live in Turkey.


Places to Live in Turkey: 7+ Awesome Cities in Türkiye for Expats 4

This place is another one of the well-developed cities in Turkey and it can be an awesome city to live in.


Places to Live in Turkey: 7+ Awesome Cities in Türkiye for Expats 5

This city is preferred by many tourists and it can be a nice place for expats, too. In Antalya, there are beautiful beaches, amazing natural places and lots of fun things to do.


If you are looking for a nice city to live in Turkey, Muğla can be among the places to consider. This beautiful city has many areas that can be quite suitable for those looking to settle in Turkey.


When it comes to places to live in Turkey, Aydın can certainly be one of the cities to mention.


Another well-developed city in Turkey is Ankara. This city is the capital of Turkey and it can be another nice place to live in this country for expats.


This city can be a nice city to live and it is fairly close to Istanbul.

There Can Be Many Other Places to Live in Turkey, as Well…

Aside from the options that we have mentioned on this post, there can be many other cities to live in Turkey for expats. For example, cities such as Eskişehir, Çanakkale, Denizli and many others can be among these.

Places to Live in Turkey Final Words

Places to Live in Turkey: 7+ Awesome Cities in Türkiye for Expats 6

When it comes to going to another country and living there, picking a good place for this can be among the important things to do. We can say that this is also the case for Turkey as well. Basically, different cities in Turkey can provide different experiences and some of them can be more suitable places to live than others, especially for expats.

If you are trying to pick a city for living in Turkey, many factors can be worth considering, such as the development level of different areas, quality of life, culture and access to leisure activities. With these factors in mind, we discussed several places to live in Turkey on this post, such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and many others. In case you are looking for a city to live in Turkey, you can consider the options that we talked about. But also remember to make your own research and learn about other options, too.