Turkey can be an amazing country to visit for tourists. There are numerous places to check out in Turkey and this country can have a lot to offer for visitors. If you like spending time outdoors and are planning to visit this country, you may want to know about some suggestions for outdoors activities in Turkey. On this post you can find some options for this.

    Canoeing Can Be a Fun Option for Outdoors Activities in Turkey

    For those who enjoy water sports, canoeing can be one of the outdoors activities in Turkey to try out. There are many places in Turkey where this activity can be tried out.

    Bungee Jumping

    If you love feeling the rush of adrenaline in your body, bungee jumping can be one of the things that you may be wanting to do. In Turkey, there are many places that you can try out this experience.


    In Turkey there are numerous places where this water sport can be tried out. Along with being an exciting outdoors activity to do, rafting can certainly offer a good team experience. So if you are here with your group of friends, this activity can be a nice choice.


    Just like bungee jumping, skydiving can be a wonderful option for people who like feeling the rush of adrenaline in their body. It can be one of the exciting outdoors activities in Turkey to consider.

    Windsurfing is Another One of the Outdoors Activities in Turkey

    This water sport can be excellent for enjoying some great time and possibly getting some exercise. Aside from trying out windsurfing, going surfing is possible in some places in Turkey, as well.


    Climbing a mountain can be a fun experience that can offer a wonderful feeling of accomplisment. If you are interested in this outdoors activity, many places in Turkey can offer an opportunity to enjoy this sport.

    Horseback Riding

    Another one among the enjoyable outdoors activities in Turkey to check out can be horseback riding. With some training, riding a horse can be a very fun thing to do.

    Scuba Diving

    If you like exploring the depths of seas, scuba diving can be another outdoor experience that you may be wanting to try out. In Turkey there are many places to try out this experience.


    Love spending time in nature? If that is the case, camping can be a fun activity to do. After picking a suitable place and getting everything that you need, trying out this activity in Turkey can be quite exciting.

    Riding a Bicycle

    In case you are trying to find a rather simple outdoors activity to try out in Turkey, compared to some of the other examples on this list, riding a bicycle can be an awesome choice. In some cities there are places where people can rent bicycles.

    If You are Looking for Outdoors Activities in Turkey, Going on a Yacht Tour Can Be Worth Considering

    Another one of the fun and relaxing outdoors activities in Turkey can be going on a yacht tour. Various yacht tour options can be found in many different places in Turkey.


    This sport can be a fun and thrilling outdoors activity. A paragliding experience can be tried out in various places in Turkey.

    Seeing Amazing Natural Places in Turkey

    When talking about outdoors activities, sports can come to mind. But other than outdoors sports, seeing natural places can be an interesting outdoor experience. In Turkey there are numerous natural places that may be worth checking out.

    Another Option for Outdoors Activities in Turkey Can Be Swimming

    Are you looking for an outdoors activity in Turkey to try out that doesn’t require lots of different equipment? If that is the case, swimming can be a fun activity to consider. There are lots of beaches in Turkey to go swimming and have some fun time.


    For people who like spending time in nature, hiking can be another wonderful outdoors activity to try out in Turkey. There are many different areas in Turkey that this activity can be done.

    When trying extreme sports or outdoors activities that may be dangerous, remember to get professional guidance and make sure to try out activities like these in a safe manner.


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