In case you are looking for an Istanbul vs Ankara comparison, you may want to check out this blog post. Because we are going to be comparing these two cities in Turkey on this post, looking at various areas. There are many cities to visit in Turkey that can be worth knowing. Both Istanbul and Ankara are important cities in Turkey and if you are looking for a comparison between these two cities, you can keep reading…

Istanbul vs Ankara: Which Factors are We Going to Look at?

When comparing different cities, it can be a good idea to look at a variety of different factors. For example, practical factors such as cost of living and crime rate can be among those factors. In addition, things such as places of interest and fun activities can be worth considering, as well. Below you can find a comparison of Istanbul vs Ankara which includes information about a variety of factors.

Basic Info

Istanbul vs Ankara: Comparing These Two Cities in Important 9 Areas 4

We are going to begin our comparison of Istanbul vs Ankara by taking a look at some basic info about each city. Firstly, Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, while Istanbul is the largest city in the country by population. Istanbul’s population is over 15 million, while Ankara’s population is more than 5 million. Moreover, while Ankara has 25 districts, this number is 39 for Istanbul.

Istanbul vs Ankara Cost of Living

An important factor to check out when comparing two cities is the cost of living. Although both of these cities are in Turkey, Ankara may be a little bit more advantageous in this area. This is mainly due to higher rent prices in Istanbul compared to Ankara, as well as higher prices for buying an apartment.

Places of Interest

Istanbul vs Ankara: Comparing These Two Cities in Important 9 Areas 5

Both of these cities have numerous places of interest. In Istanbul there are places such as Maiden’s Tower, Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern and more… In Ankara, there are places such as Anıtkabir, Ankara Castle, Kuğulu Park and many others… So for visitors, both of these cities can offer a lot of places to check out.

Lifestyle and People

Compared to Ankara, Istanbul can be a livelier and more hectic place. As a result of this people in Istanbul can be more hot-headed but also open. In comparison, Ankara can be considered a city with people who are more courteous. Of course, these are just some broad generalizations and may not always be true.

Istanbul vs Ankara: Pros and Cons of Each City

Both of these have pros and cons that can be worth considering. Istanbul is a city that can have a lot to offer, but it is also a hectic and busy city, and Istanbul is notorious for its bad traffic. Ankara is comparatively a calmer city, but a significant disadvantage of this city can be that it is landlocked.

Weather, Parks and Natural Places

In terms of weather, Istanbul is a city that tends to be hotter than Ankara, while Ankara can have tougher winters. Both of these cities have many wonderful natural places. In Istanbul there are parks like Gülhane Park and Emirgan Park and in Ankara there are parks such as Kuğulu Park and Seğmenler Park.

Activities and Fun

Visiting places of interest, tasting delicious local dishes and enjoying the nightlife are activities that can be done in both of these cities.

Foods and Culture

Both of these cities have distinctive local foods and slight cultural differences between each other, as well as differences between the attitudes of people living in each city.

Expat Life: Jobs, Housing, Public Transport, Crime, etc.

As Turkey’s economic hub, Istanbul may have a more extensive job market, while housing can be more expensive here. Both cities have pretty decent public transport systems with many options like metro and buses. In terms of crime, Istanbul is the one with more crime, according to many sources.

Istanbul vs Ankara Final Words

Istanbul vs Ankara: Comparing These Two Cities in Important 9 Areas 6

On this post we have made a simple Istanbul vs Ankara comparison, looking at various factors like cost of living and places of interest. While these two cities are different in many areas, they are also similar in some, too. At the end of the day, which one of them is better for visiting or living can depend a lot on personal preferences.