Do you plan to study in a foreign country and thinking of Turkey as an option? If that is the case, you may want to know that there are numerous universities in Istanbul that can be worth learning about. One of the universities in Istanbul is Istanbul University. So in case you are considering studying in Istanbul, this university can be among the choices to know about. On this blog post, we will discuss this university in Istanbul.

When deciding on which university to go to, you may want to know whether the university you are considering is a good one or not. In addition, you may wan to know how much it costs to study at the university that you are considering going to, along with other things like its history, programs and where it is located in its respective city. While talking about Istanbul University on this blog post, we are going to discuss this university regarding these topics.

Is Istanbul University a Good School?

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Before we talk about this university regarding other topics, let’s discuss whether it is a good university or not. Because if you are considering going to this university to study, this can be a topic that you are really interested in. There can be many factors to take into account when deciding whether a university is good or not. And there are some rankings on the internet that we may check out to learn about that.

According to U.S. News’ Global Universities ranking of Istanbul University, it is the 745th best university globally as of February 2024. As far as subject rankings, according to the same report, this university is ranked 275th in Clinical Medicine, 218th in Endocrinology and Metabolism and 720th in Material Science. Also, on the report, it is written that there are over 4500 international students in this university, as well as more than 110 international staff.

Another ranking, World University Rankings 2024 by the Times Higher Education, ranks Istanbul University within 1001–1200th range. According to this report, the number of students per staff in this university is 27.8 and its international students ratio is 6%.

How Much Does It Cost to Study in Istanbul University?

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Aside from whether a university is good or not, another important factor to learn about when deciding if you want to study there can be the cost of studying at the university. So, how much does it cost to study at Istanbul University for international students?

The tuition fees at a university can differ from program to program, as well as some other factors. Also, it may change over time. Therefore if you want to get up-to-date info about tuition fees at this university, make sure to check out the related page on their offical website’s section for international student.

However as of February 2024, the tuition fees for some of the programs at this university seem to be around $700 to $5000 a year. In addition to the tuition fee, another expense to think about can be the cost of living in Istanbul. Compared to many other cities in the world, Istanbul can be a fairly cheap city to live in, while we can consider it the most expensive city to live in Turkey. If you are curious about this topic, you can check out our post on Istanbul cost of living and travel.

What GPA Do You Need for Istanbul University?

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For those who are looking for a university to study at, GPA is an imporant score. Therefore, in case you want to study at Istanbul University, you may wonder what GPA you will need for it. First let’s briefly talk about GPA and what GPA is needed for this university.

GPA is the acronym for Grade Point Average. There are various methods of calculating GPA such as unweighted GPA, weighted GPA, overall GPA and cumulative GPA. For example, while cumulative GPA can be for shorter stages like academic year and semester, overall GPA is a score for the whole high school experience of the student.

So, what is the GPA requirement for studying at İstanbul University? According to online sources, to start studying at this university, a GPA of 2 may be required at least. Also, for doctoral programs at this school, a 75/100 GPA score for master’s degree and 65/100 GPA score for the undergraduate degree at least can be required.

Does Istanbul University Teach English?

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Considering it is a university in Turkey, there are numerous programs and classes that are taught in Turkish language in this school. But if you don’t speak Turkish or intend to learn it, can you study at this school just by knowing English? This can be an important question and let’s try to learn about it.

In this university, many programs are in Turkish and there are some programs in English language, too. So if you don’t want to learn Turkish language but study at this university, there can be various programs to choose from.

Basically, language of education in this school is Turkish, with some of the programs taught in English. Also, in this university, there are some language programs as well, such as Arabic Translation and Interpreting, German Translation and Interpreting, Persian Language and Literature, Modern Greek Language and Literature, Latin Language and Literature… However the education language in those programs are not English.

Istanbul University History

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In 19th century Darülfunun, a school in the Ottoman Empire, was founded. Although it functioned with variations of this name for some time after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it was named Istanbul University in 1933. Since that year, numerous programs have been taught in İstanbul University and lots of notable politicians, scientists, writers, journalists and many people from various other professions graduated from this school.

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Istanbul University Programs

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In case you want to go to this university, you may want to know about İstanbul University programs. There are many programs in this university. While, many of these programs are taught in Turkish language, there are some programs at this university that are taught in Engish, as well.

Some of the İstanbul University programs that are taught in English include examples such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Aside from those, there are also programs like English Language and Literature, Management Information Systems, Logistics Management and Physics.

In short, there are numerous programs to choose from in İstanbul University. In addition, if you speak Turkish and are looking for programs taught in Turkish language, there are many other programs at this school…

Where is This University Located in Istanbul?

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Another topic you may be wanting to know can be the location of this school. İstanbul University has numerous campuses located in different places. The main campus of the university is located in the Beyazıt neighborhood in the Fatih district. Some of the other campuses of this university are located in Avcılar, Bahçeköy, Büyükçekmece, Şişli and Bakırköy. If you want to learn the addresses of these campuses, make sure to check them out online.

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How Expensive is Turkey for International Students?

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For people who want to study abroad, cost of living can be a significant topic to discuss. In case you want to go to İstanbuıl University, you may be curious to know how expensive Istanbul is for international students.

In general, if we compare Istanbul to many of the countries in western countries, we can see that this city is a fairly cheap place to live. But compared to most of the other cities in Turkey, Istanbul is more expensive. In addition to this, living in Istanbul can be more expensive than some of the other cities in other countries. To learn more about this topic, consider checking out cost of living info online and compare Istanbul to other cities you are interested in going to for studying abroad.

Places of Interest Around This University

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This university has numerous campuses. But if we are talking about the main campus, which is located in Fatih, the places of interest that are relatively close to this university may include places such as the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque.

Final Words

In case you are planning to study in a foreign country, some of the universities in Turkey may be worth knowing about. One of the universities in Turkey is Istanbul University and on this blog post we have talked about this school, taking into account a variety of topics like the GPA needed to enter it, where it is located in Istanbul, as well as whether it is a good university or not…

If you are considering studying university in Turkey, this one can be among the options to choose from. Also, aside from this university, there are many other universities in Turkey, too. Moreover, some of the other universities in Turkey are ranked higher that this one on some “best universities” lists. So before making your decision, it can be worth to check out many other choices.

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