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Are you curious about one of the important components of public transportation in Istanbul? Do you want to learn about Istanbul metro? If that is the case you can keep reading this post to learn about some of the basics of this public transportation method in this city. Here we are going to discuss some rudimentary things about metro in Istanbul, as well as some tips to know about when using it.

Istanbul Metro Basic Information

Before beginning to answer some questions about the metro system in Istanbul and talk about some tips to know when using it, let’s discuss some of the basic things about this public transportation method in this city. There are 133 metro stations in Istanbul as of March 2023 and the number may even increase in the future. It started operating in 1989 and now with its 11 lines it serves over 1 million passangers every day.

Istanbul Metro Stations

As it has just been stated, there are 11 metro lines in Istanbul. In addition to those, 9 more is being built. As a large city with many people living in it, Istanbul’s metro is fairly large, too. There are a total of 133 stations within the system and 83 more is being built. While 81 of the stations are located in the European side of the city, 52 of stations are in the Asian side of Istanbul.

How do you use the metro in Istanbul?

If you are planning to visit or live in Istanbul, you may want to know about using the metro in this city, as it is a popular public transportation method. Using the metro in Istanbul is a fairly straightforward process. For this you will need an İstanbulkart or a pass card with 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 passes. With Istanbul metro, many places in the city can be reached.

Is the metro in Istanbul available 24 hours a day?

In case you are planning to use metro in Istanbul, you may want to know if this transportation method is available 24 hours a day or not. The departure times may vary depending on line and station. So in order to check out this information for a specific station you can take a look at Metro Istanbul’s official website. But we can say that for many stations, the metro in Istanbul operates from around 6 AM to around 12 midnight.

Istanbul Metro Tips

In case you are planning to use Istanbul metro, you may want to know about some tips regarding this. Firstly, when using the metro in Istanbul, remember to follow the rules. Also, since metro can be crowded during rush hours, you may want to avoid it during these times of the day. Moreover, if you will be using metro in Istanbul a lot, getting an İstanbulkart can be an idea to consider.

Make Sure to Follow the Rules When Using Istanbul Metro

There are some rules to follow when using the metro in Istanbul. You can learn about these on Metro Istanbul’s official website.

You May Want to Avoid Using the Metro During Rush Hour Times

During rush hour times in the city, metro in Istanbul can be quite hectic. If you don’t like crowds, remember to keep away from using the metro during these times.

Consider Getting an Istanbulkart If You Will Use Public Transport in Istanbul a Lot

Using an İstanbulkart can be a cheaper option compared to using electronic tickets. So if you will use metro in Istanbul a lot, you may consider getting an İstanbulkart.

Other Public Transportation Methods in Istanbul

One of the public transportation methods in Istanbul is using the metro in the city. Also, aside from the metro, there are many other means of public transport in Istanbul, as well. In case you want to learn about this topic, you can check out our blog post on transportation in Istanbul.

Istanbul Metro Guide Conclusion

Istanbul is a fairly large city with millions of people living in it. Here in this city, there are many things to do and a lot of places to see. In order to get around this wonderful city, you may be planning to use Istanbul metro. This is a fairly simple thing to do and it is possible to go to many places by using the metro in this city. When using the metro in Istanbul, don’t forget to keep the tips that we discussed here in mind.


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