Are you an American who is planning to visit Istanbul? In this case, you may have some questions regarding this city. For example, you may have questions about safety, as well as the friendliness of the locals towards Americans and ask: is Istanbul American-friendly?

In general, we can say that many people in Istanbul are friendly towards tourists, whether they are American or not. There is not a prevalent hostility towards Americans among the locals. Turkish people generally tend to be friendly, hospitable and sociable. So we can consider Istanbul to be quite an American-friendly city, although there can be exceptions to this, as not everyone may have the same feelings.

Is Istanbul American-friendly or is it not?

In case you are planning to go to Istanbul as an American tourist or an expat, you may ask things like “Can Americans go to Istanbul?” and “is Istanbul American-friendly or not?”.

There isn’t a widespread dislike towards American tourists among Turkish people. Therefore, we can say that Istanbul is a fairly American-friendly city to visit. While not everyone in Istanbul may have the same feelings towards Americans, this shouldn’t discourage your from enjoying a nice Istanbul vacation as an American and exploring this wonderful city.