Are you curious about festivals in Turkey? If that is the case you can check out this post. Because here we are going to be talking about some of the celebrations in Turkey that can be worth knowing about for people who are interested in such events. In Turkey there are numerous festivals that are celebrated by many people and below you can learn about some of them.

    Nowruz is One of the Festivals in Turkey

    One of the festivals in Turkey is Nowruz, which is celebrations for the Persian New Year event. Celebrated by lots of different peoples, this festival is around the 21st of March. Nowruz involves celebrations for the start of the spring season. Originally a Zoroastrian event, today it is not necessarily connected to a religion and it is on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

    Istanbul Tulip Festival

    Historically, tulips were an important kind of flower in Istanbul and there was even a period called the “Tulip period” in the history of Ottoman Empire which lasted between 1718 and 1730. Istanbul Tulip Festival is carried out each year since 2006 to celebrate this beautiful flower. On this festival lots of tulips are planted and there are concerts as well as many other events. Joining this festival can be one of the things to do in Istanbul that may be worth knowing about.

    Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival

    One of the traditional sports in Turkey is oil wrestling, which is basically a form of wrestling where competitors’ bodies are covered in oil. Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival is an even that is conducted in Edirne and many wrestlers join it. This event has been carried out since the Ottoman times.

    Istanbul Film Festival

    One of the types of festivals is film festivals and there are many examples to this. Istanbul Film Festival is a film festival carried out in Istanbul since 1982. On this festival many films are presented and numerous awards are given. For movie buffs, this film festival may be worth knowing about.

    Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

    Another film festival in Turkey, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is held in Antalya, as it can be guessed because of its name. Just like Istanbul Film Festival, movies are presented and awards are given on this festival. This festival has been carried out every year since 1963.

    Şeb-i Arus Celebrations

    It is an important cultural event carried out annually in Konya around the 17th of December. Şeb-i Arus is the event to commemorate Rumi, an important historical figure for the Mevlevi Order. On Şeb-i Arus, whirling dervishes shows are performed, along with some other things.

    Hıdrellez is Another One of the Festivals in Turkey

    An event that is similar to Nowruz in Turkey is Hıdırellez, which is celebrated on the 5th and 6th of May every year. While this event symbolizes the beginning of spring like Nowruz, it is celebrated on a different date.

    Olimpos Sky and Science Festival

    Another one of the festivals in Turkey is Olimpos Sky and Science Festival and this festival has been celebrated many times. It involved various presentations, shows and some other things.

    Istanbul Coffee Festival

    Are you a coffee lover? If that is the case, one of the festivals in Turkey that may be worth knowing for you can be Istanbul Coffee Festival. This festival has been carried out numerous times and it involved shows, coffee tastings and more.

    Zeytinli Rock Festival

    Although it wasn’t carried out in the last couple of years, Zeytinli Rock Festival was one of the popular music festivals in Turkey between 2005 and 2019.


    Holi is a Hindu festival which is carried out to celebrate the start of spring. In Turkey Holifest has been celebrated numerous times and it involved music, dance, food and lots of colors.

    Folk Dance Festivals in Turkey

    As a country with a fairly rich culture, Turkey has many folk dances. There are numerous festivals in Turkey that are about these folk dances. These festivals can include folk dance performances.

    Various Local Festivals in Turkey Based Around Foods

    Aside from the other festivals that we have talked about on this post, there are also many celebrations about local foods in Turkey. Depending on the festival, foods such as cherries, quinces, etc. can be presented on these festivals.


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