Are you looking for some suggestions about exercising in Istanbul? In this case, you may want to read this post and check out the awesome physical activity options we discuss here. On this post we are going to be talking about various physical activity choices that can be done in Istanbul. If you are curious about this topic, let’s dive in and start learning about some ways to exercise in this wonderful city.

Exercising in Istanbul: What are Some of the Physical Activity Options?

Regardless of where you are, getting some exercise can certainly be important for you. If you are planning to visit Istanbul or live here, you may be wanting to learn about some physical activity options to do in this city. Some of the ways of exercising in Istanbul can include doing activities such as training with weights, swimming, running, martial arts and calisthenics, as well as sports like rowing, soccer and hiking.

Going to the Gym

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Want to get some exercise in Istanbul? Going to the gym and training with weights can be an amazing choice for this. While this can be a great way to workout, if you are only here for a short amount of time, it may not be the best choice, since it may require a gym membership. But if your hotel has a gym, why not try getting some exercise there?

Swimming Can Be One of the Ways of Exercising in Istanbul

Another great way of exercising in Istanbul can be swimming. Along with the option to use swimming pools for this activity, there are many beaches in Istanbul that you may consider going to.


This activity can be excellent for getting some exercise and spending time outdoors to get some fresh air. In Istanbul there are many natural areas that can be suitable for hiking.

Riding a Bicycle

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If you are looking to burn some calories, riding a bicycle can be a nice exercise choice for that. Riding a bicycle can be one of the ways for exercising in Istanbul. In case you want to try out this activity in this city, just rent a bicycle and start exercising.

Playing Soccer

Although you may need lots of people for this activity, it can be one of the fairly intense ways of exercising in Istanbul.

Martial Arts

There are numerous different types of martial arts. Also, there are many martial arts studios in Istanbul. Martial arts can be a nice way to get some exercise and you can consider picking one and trying it if you want.

Another Way for Exercising in Istanbul Can Be Playing Squash

Looking to break a sweat? In this case, you can consider trying out this activity with a friend. There are many places in Istanbul that this activity can be done.


Since we have talked about various sports so far, dancing may seem like an odd choice. However, dancing can be an excellent way to get some exercise and have fun.


Especially for developing back muscles and getting a cardio workout, rowing can be a wonderful physical activity option. In Istanbul there are many rowing clubs. Also, you can consider doing this activity with a rowing machine, too.

Bodyweight Training / Calisthenics

Are you trying to get some exercise while you are in Istanbul? Then bodyweight training can be a great choice and you can do it with little to no equipment.


Exercising may not always be about cardio or building muscles. Also, it can be important for things like flexibility. Yoga can be worth considering if you are trying to improve flexibility and possibly lower stress levels.


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In case you want to get some cardio exercise while you are in Istanbul, running can be among the options to consider doing.

Exercising in Istanbul Final Words

If you are looking to find some ways to exercise in Istanbul, you may consider a variety of options such as riding a bicycle, bodyweight training, running, doing martial arts and so on…

When doing physical activities like the ones discussed here, remember to do it properly and safely, make sure that you are in good physical condition and in a safe environment, and consider consulting a professional beforehand.