Istanbul is a fairly big city and if you are planning to visit it you may have questions about taxis here. Taxis are an important part of Istanbul transportation and you may wonder if you tip taxi drivers in this city. So, do you tip taxi drivers in Istanbul or is it unnecessary?

In Istanbul, it is not necessary to tip taxi drivers, just like it is not expected to tip people offering many other services. But something that is often done is to round up the taxi charge. Besides, if you want to tip your taxi driver in this city, you can do so.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Istanbul? Info About Tipping Taxi Drivers in Istanbul

With its beautiful places to see, many activities that visitors can do here and a wonderful local cuisine to explore, Istanbul is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Turkey. One of the transportation choices in this big city are taxis and about using them you may be asking: “do you tip taxi drivers in Istanbul?”.

While you can tip taxi drivers in Istanbul if you want to, it is not something that is expected and you can just round up the taxi charge instead.