Are you looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to cook homemade meals in Istanbul? If your answer to this question is yes, there are a lot of Istanbul farmer’s market options that you can visit. In these farmer’s markets, you can find fresh vegetables and fruits as well as deli products and more. You can even buy clothes for cheap in some of these farmer’s markets.

    What’s great about these markets is that there is one in almost every district in the city. So you likely won’t have a hard time at all finding a farmer’s market that is located close to you. In this blog post, you can read about 10 farmer’s markets that you can visit in Istanbul. If you are looking for things to do in Istanbul, visiting these farmer’s markets can be a nice choice.

    Istanbul Farmer’s Market in Bakirkoy (Saturday)

    First Istanbul farmer’s market on our list is in the Bakirkoy district in the city. This farmer’s market is open on Saturdays. If you are wondering the specific location of the market, it is in the parking lot area of Bakirkoy courthouse. We can say that it is one of the most popular farmer’s markets in the city.

    Firuzkoy Istanbul Farmer’s Market in Avcilar

    Firuzkoy farmer’s market is in the neighborhood that shares the same name with it in Avcilar district in the city. Since it is a covered market, many locals decide to go there. So it can be a little crowded from time to time. This farmer’s market can be visited on Mondays. You can come to this market in early hours of the day if you would like to avoid the crowd.

    Uskudar Selimiye Istanbul Farmer’s Market

    This Istanbul farmer’s market is in the Selimiye neighborhood in Uskudar district. You can find many different vegetables, fruits and other foodstuff easily. This farmer’s market is open on Wednesdays. While you are here, you may want to check out the cheese options there. There are many different types of cheese you can find in this farmer’s market.

    Farmer’s Market in Fatih District

    Next farmer’s market on our list is in the Fatih district in Istanbul. The location of this farmer’s market is really close to the Fatih Mosque. You can find many thngs to buy in this market. It is also known for its affordable foodstuff and products. If you want to buy a souvenir from your vacation, you can easily do that here since there are many options.

    Kadikoy Istanbul Farmer’s Markets

    Since Kadikoy is a very crowded and popular district in the city, there are two main Istanbul farmer’s markets that you can visit here. First one is in the Goztepe neighborhood in the district. Goztepe farmer’s market is one of the most popular ones among others in Asian side of the city. You can come to this Istanbul farmer’s market on Mondays.

    The second farmer’s market in the district is located in the Hasanpasa neighborhood. This farmer’s market is just as popular as the previous one we have talked about. You can visit this farmer’s market on Tuesdays.

    Farmer’s Market in Maltepe District

    If you want to visit this Istanbul farmer’s market, you can do it on Mondays. This farmer’s market is in the Basibuyuk neighborhood of Maltepe district. Just like other farmer’s market on our list, you can find so many different products in this one as well.

    Istanbul Farmer’s Market in Beykoz

    For those who are looking for an Istanbul farmer’s market in Beykoz district, this one can be a great option. This farmer’s market is in the Anadolu Hisari neighborhood of the district and it is open on Tuesdays.

    Farmer’s Market in Bahcelievler District

    In Sirinevler neighborhood of Bahcelievler district, there is an Istanbul farmer’s market that is open on Tuesdays. If you are looking to buy affordable products and foodstuff in this area, this farmer’s market can be worth checking out.

    Sultangazi Istanbul Farmer’s Market

    50. Yıl neighborhood in Sultangazi district of Istanbul has an amazing farmer’s market that you can visit. This farmer’s market can be visited on Wednesdays. This farmer’s market is quite popular in the area.

    Farmer’s Market in Erenkoy Neighborhood of Kadikoy

    Other than the other two farmer’s markets in Kadikoy district that we have mentioned, there is also Erenkoy farmer’s market. This Istanbul farmer’s market is another popular option that you can check out.

    Note: The images in this blog post are stock photos and they are not from the actual places.


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