One of the great reasons to visit Turkey can be to explore the local cuisine and taste many delicious foods. In Turkish cuisine, there are many amazing foods and there are lots of foods that contain meat. If you love meat and are interested in Turkish cuisine, you may be looking for Turkish dishes with meat. Fortunately, there are lots of different examples of that. In case you are interested in this topic, you can keep reading in order to learn about the examples that we will discuss in this area.

What are Some of the Turkish Dishes with Meat?

When it comes to Turkish cuisine, kebabs can be the type of food that comes to many people’s minds. While there are many different types of kebabs that contain other ingredients, there are lots of kebabs with meat. But kebabs are not the only foods in Turkish cuisine that have meat in it.

On this post we are going to discuss some of the foods with meat in Turkish cuisine. For example, güveçte et, which means stew that is made in traditional Turkish casserole dishes, is among the examples we have on this list. Also, we will talk about other Turkish dishes with meat, such as döner and hünkar beğendi, as well.

Güveçte Et (Stew in Traditional Turkish Casserole Dish) Can Be an Excellent Choice

Are you looking for Turkish dishes with meat? If so, güveçte et can absolutely be worth taking a look at. Basically this is a type of stew that is made in traditional Turkish casserole dishes, which are called güveç. There are different varieties of this dish and it can contain lots of different ingredients, such as meat, onion, pepper, tomato, spices, salt and cooking oil.

Döner is a Popular Turkish Dish with Meat

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One of the popular Turkish foods that contain meat is döner. This food can be served in different ways, such as inside a roll or on a plate with sides like rice and vegetables. In Turkey, there are lots of döner restaurants and if you are planning to visit Turkey, consider trying this delicious food.

Hünkar Beğendi is Another One of the Nice Options

For those looking for Turkish dishes with meat, another one of the nice options can be hünkar beğendi. While this dish can require many ingredients and need many steps to make, the end result can be amazing, if done right. It is made with ingredients such as meat, eggplant, cheese, tomato, cooking oil and butter.

Et Sote (Turkish Style Sauteed Meat) is Another Delicious Meat Dish in Turkish Cuisine

In case you want to try a Turkish food that has meat in it, et sote can be another option to know about. It is basically Turkish style sauteed meat that contains ingredients like meat, onion, tomato, cooking oil, spices and so on… This dish can be done in a few basic steps.

For Those Looking for Turkish Dishes with Meat, Karniyarik Can Be a Great One to Try

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Lastly, another Turkish dish with meat is karniyarik and it also has vegetarian versions, as well. It is a delicious food that can certainly be worth trying and it goes great with rice and cacik.

Turkish Dishes with Meat Final Words

If you are planning to go to Turkey, tasting the local cuisine there can definitely be a great idea. Because there are lots of amazing dishes in Turkish cuisine, including a variety of meat dishes. In case you love to eat meat, you may be interested in learning about Turkish dishes with meat.

On this blog post we have discussed this topic and talked about some of the examples of meat dishes in Turkish cuisine, such as karniyarik, Turkish style sauteed meat and many others. If you are ready to try one of these, you can check out the recipes online. Also, there are many other dishes with meat in Turkish cuisine and as you explore this wonderful cuisine, you may find many examples of this.

Moreover, there are Turkish dishes that contain various other ingredients, such as yogurt, chicken, fish, vegetables and so on… For instance, if you are interested in learning about some of the Turkish dishes with yogurt, you can check out our blog post about it.