There can be numerous reasons to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul and on this post we will talk about some of these. In case you are considering going to Istanbul during Christmas time, you may want to take a look at our list.

Millions of people every year celebrate Christmas and enjoy the wonderful vibe of this time of the year. For many people Christmas celebrations mean getting together with their loved ones, enjoying delicious foods and exchanging gifts.

This year, you may want to do something different and celebrate Christmas in a foreign city, like Istanbul. You can visit this amazing city during your holiday season and experience what Istanbul has to offer. However, before making a decision like this you may need to know about the reasons to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul. If that is the case, keep reading…

Here are Some of the Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Istanbul…

7 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Istanbul 4

We will discuss many reasons to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul. For example, the weather can be one of these. Also, Istanbul is an awesome city for shopping and you can experience a different culture in this city. Moreover, there are some other reasons we will discuss as well. If you are curious, let’s keep going!

1. The Weather Tends to Be Awesome for Christmas During This Time of the Year in Istanbul

When talking about Christmas, one of the first things that some may think can be the snowy and cozy weather. During this time of the year, Istanbul tends to have such a weather and it can be awesome for the vibe and atmosphere.

2. You Can Enjoy Shopping in Istanbul

One of the activities to do when travelling can be shopping and Istanbul is an amazing city for this activity. So if you are looking for reasons to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul, this can certainly be among them.

3. Experience a Different Culture

Travelling can be a great way to experience a different culture. You can decide to visit Istanbul during Christmas to experience the local culture here and learn about the life in this city firsthand. So getting an opportunity to experience a different culture can be another one of the reasons to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul.

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4. There are Lots of Amazing Places to Visit in This City

Istanbul is full of famous and iconic places of Interest, such as Hagia Sophia and Maiden’s Tower, along with many lesser known ones. If you are interested in going to the places of interest in Istanbul, consider visiting Istanbul.

5. Istanbul Can Be a Budget Friendly City to Visit

One of the awesome things about Istanbul is that this city can be a fairly budget friendly place to visit. Because compared to many other cities in the world, such as New York, London, etc, cost of living in this city is lower in many areas.

6. Consider Staying a Little Longer and Enjoying New Year’s Eve Celebrations…

As the majority of the population is Muslim in Istanbul, Christmas is not something that is traditionally celebrated in this city. However, lots of Turks celebrate the New Year’s Eve and if you stay a little longer in Istanbul, you can enjoy these celebrations.

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7. You Can Explore the Local Cuisine

There are many foods associated with Christmas such as turkey and gingerbread cookies. If you want to do something different this time and explore a foreign cuisine during Christmas, going to Istanbul can be a good idea. Here you can enjoy many famous Turkish foods.

Final Words

7 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Istanbul 5

Are you planning to travel during Christmas time? In this case, one of the nice cities for this can be Istanbul. Because Istanbul is a beautiful city that can have a lot to offer for tourists. There can be many reasons to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul and on this blog post we have talked about some of them.

When you visit Istanbul, you can go to many places of interest in this city, explore the amazing local cuisine, go shopping and so on… So Istanbul can be an awesome place to visit any time of the year. During Christmas time, the weather tends to be amazing for the vibe of this day. Basically, if you are considering travelling to a foreign city during Christmas, Istanbul can be worth considering.