Do you want to learn about making doner at home? If so, you may want to consider checking out this post. Basically, we are going to be discussing how to make doner kebab at the comfort of your home. There are many delicious foods in the Turkish cuisine and doner is a popular option.

But outside Turkey, it can be difficult to find authentic doner and you may want to make it at home. With the right ingredients and a few simple steps, delicious doner kebab can be made at home. Now if you are ready to learn about this topic, let’s dive in!

What is Turkish Döner Kebab?

Making Doner at Home: Learn Preparing This Delicious Dish in 4 Simple Steps 4

On this post we are going to be sharing simple steps for making doner at home. But before we go any further let’s talk about what doner is. Simply put, doner kebab is meat prepared with a special marinade, put together in a specific way and spit-roasted. Doner kebab is often served with some simple garnish and it can be served with rice, inside bread, or rolled in lavash. It is one of the most popular types of Turkish food to try.

What is Turkish Doner Kebab Made of?

Before we start talking about making doner at home, another thing that you may want to know about can be the ingredients that are used for making doner. For making doner, red meat or chicken can be used. Doner made with red meat often contains a combination of beef, lamb and tail fat. Aside from these, doner kebab usually contains ingredients such as onion, spices, oil and yogurt.

Making Doner at Home: Why?

For people who are visiting Turkey, doner kebab can be an amazing street food choice to try. But if you are living in another country, finding authentic doner can be difficult. So for this reason you may be considering making doner at home. If you are planning to make doner kebab at home, you can check out the recipe that we will share with you on this post.

Ingredients for Making Doner at Home

If you want to make doner kebab at home, you can choose to do this with chicken or red meat. On this post we have a recipe for doner made with red meat. For the doner meat, you can use 70% beef, 25% lamb and 5% tail fat, along with onion, olive oil, yogurt, thyme, powdered sweet red pepper, rosemary, black pepper, cumin and salt. For making the lavash; water, salt, flour and olive oil are needed. Then, for the sauce, you will need tomato paste, butter, garlic, salt and spices. Lastly, for the garnish you can use onion, tomato and lettuce.

Making Doner at Home in 4 Simple Steps

Making Doner at Home: Learn Preparing This Delicious Dish in 4 Simple Steps 5

You can make doner kebab at home by following the four simple steps that we have below. Firstly, start by making the doner kebab meat and cooking it. Afterwards, you can prepare the lavash and the sauce. While the sauce is optimal, it can add a lot of flavour and moisture. Aside from these, a simple garnish can be enough for serving this delicious meal.

How to Make Doner Kebab Meat

With the ingredients that we shared above, doner kebab can be made in various ways. But here we will share a method for people who don’t have a doner rotisserie, since it’s not a very common equipment. Simply, you can mix the doner kebab ingredients, let them marinade for 12-24 hours, wrap the mixture in a plastic wrap and freeze it. After it is frozen you can carefully cut thin slices from the mixture, cook it on a pan and make doner meat this way.

How to Make Doner Kebab Sauce

In order to make doner kebab sauce, you can put some garlic on a pan and cook it with butter for 4-5 minutes. After this, you can add tomato paste, water, salt and spices. Then you can cook it until the ingredients incorporate and the sauce thickens. Once it is the consistency you want, you can use it for adding some extra flavor to your doner kebab.

How to Make Doner Kebab Bread (Lavash)

For making the lavash, you can prepare the dough mixture and cook it on a pan with some olive oil.

How to Make Doner Kebab Salad (Garnish)

You can serve the doner kebab with tomatoes, onions and lettuce, as well as options such as carrots, parsley and pickles.

Making Doner at Home Final Words

Making Doner at Home: Learn Preparing This Delicious Dish in 4 Simple Steps 6

Making doner at home can be a fun experience and the result can be delicious. If you are ready to spend some time in the kitchen, you can consider trying out the recipe we shared here.