EUR €15

Barbecue House

Barbecue House Restaurant which is situated in Sultanahmet – a neighborhood that it is located in the historical peninsula – is one of the places for reflecting the charm of…

EUR €35

Antiochia Concept

The extraordinary tastes of Antakya is brought to you by Antiochia in Istanbul. Antiochia in Asmalı Mescit Minare Street is the right address to try out Antakya's special wraps, şiş kebabs,…

EUR €25

Frankie İstanbul

From the very beginning, our passion and desire has always been to preserve our rich culinary legacy. Our quest continues and today, our seasonal menu includes dishes prepared first and foremost…

EUR €7

Forno Balat

One day as I was wandering through the streets of historical Balat I came across to an oasis and that is how Forno came to life! Now, in a homey atmosphere, I am sharing my journey with authentic…

EUR €30


Founded by Russians fleeing the Bolshevik revolution to recreate the urbane life they had left behind, the restaurant came to represent a carefree evening out for the children of the new Turkish…

EUR €25


Neoclassic, which is located across Cite de Pera ( Cicek Pasaji ) at the centre of Beyoglu, was built by an architect of Armenian origin in 1815 and after being used as Levantines' residence…

EUR €20


Since (Founded in) April 2014; Parole meets the guests at the entrance of 100-years-old Syria Arcade in İstiklal Street; the heart of Beyoglu district which is the most enjoyable and vivacious…

EUR €30

Cecconi's Istanbul

Cecconi's Istanbul In the courtyard of the 19th century Palazzo Corpi Building, Cecconi’s is a modern day classic Italian restaurant open for dinner, six days a week and brunch on…

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